About Me

I’m just your typical nerdy Canadian girl next door with a twist, someone who loves reading, video games, anything sci fi and learning. It might be hard to believe but deep down I’m a people person who still thinks of herself as the geek in high school that didn’t fit into the popular group and found herself teased and bullied.

Growing up in a big family with 2 brothers, I was awkward and shy. I took joy in reading, studying and being a straight A student. It wasn’t until I joined the theatre group that I found my inner voice and creative side which only fed my inner exhibitionist and want to perform on stage. After graduating with honours I went on to University to get a diploma in fine arts and theatre. I’ve always had a cheeky side, an interest in playing dress up, enjoying fun role-plays and expressing myself through self exploration. Being an adult model was a natural fit which soon became my passion.

I started my site in 2010 as a way to challenge myself and engage in a little self expression. I feel like I blinked and now its 9 years later in what has been an amazing journey exploring my creative side. My site has always been first and foremost in my mind from day one, its become my greatest creative outlet and I’m incredible passionate about it.

As time has gone on my interests have expanded to not only creating adult content but also creating fun and interesting content for youtube and instagram. I love sharing my unique perspective with the world and fans. I’m definitely a silver lining kinda person 🙂

Fun Facts About Me

5 things I cant live without

My puppies, my macs, a vibrator, the internet and my piece of mind




2 itty bitty chihuahuas

Fav food

Mexican or pizza or breakfast!

Fav drink

Gin and Juice or a Mango Margarita

Fav Music

Dance, classic rock, rap or country

Fav movies

the little mermaid ever since I was like 3 and now Gone in 60 seconds damn that shelby is hot!

Ethnicity/ resident of



married to @TC_Davidson


I love cars, working on them, driving them, welding and getting dirty.

Turn ons

someone who loves to laugh with me, who is confident not cocky, who has a soft spot for little dogs!

Turn offs

Rude, loud, self-absorbed, arrogant guys who make fun of little dogs and old people :S

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