Interested in collaborating on a project together? Tell me about your project 

I have an in-house photographer and videographer as well as years of experience in the rapidly evolving online market place.  My team and I are capable of handling a variety of production and promotional projects. 


  • Product modelling and reviews – print or publication ready photos with or in your product for your online stores and listings – items such as sex toys, lingerie, clothing, heels, costumes and more 
  • Instagram sponsorship and dedicated uploads – video or photo of me with your product, description of product features, sharing links or any discount codes with my audience 
  • Photos can be rendered up to 8500 pixels. Current photography equipment canon 5DS. Fully trained in Lightroom and Photoshop. 


  • Product modelling and reviews – publication ready video featuring your product, a personalized description about your product, sharing links and any promo codes 
  • Youtube sponsorship and dedicated uploads – video reviewing your product with my audience on youtube, sharing links or any discount codes to encourage shoppers
  • Cameo or video appearance – Video concept for a project that is of your own making, such as a cameo in a music video, example: 4 minute dancing clip
  • Acting opportunities – I have a diploma in fine arts specializing in acting. I have been involved in such projects as indie films, plays and campaigns
  • Videos can be rendered up to 4K. Fully trained in Final Cut pro X

Other Opportunities 

  • Model Training – My skill set includes: Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, mentoring, brand awareness/growth, personal promotion, social media, YouTube and more. 

Please note – As stated on my Fakers page I am not a companion or porn star for hire.

My rates vary with project requirements and are based on market assessments such as

For all inquires please fill in the contact fields below with your contact info, project overview, details and a rough estimate of project budget. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response.