Fakers? Scammers? What are they and what does that have to do with me? 

Fakers or scammers are someone online stealing photos or video and pretending to be someone they are not. 

Sadly this happens a lot and often using my images. If you have found yourself directed to this page it is probably because you or I suspect you have been talking with a faker. 

Fakers or Scammers pretend that they are me, or that they have some connection to me or someone I usually work with so that they can steal money from trusting people, such as yourself. Stolen identity is a very common problem for me. My identity has been stolen many, many times in order to deceive people and steal from them. These criminals hurt my reputation as much as it hurts the people they steal from. 

Here’s some back ground info to help clear some things up.


I was born and raised in Canada. I live in Canada currently and have ZERO plans or thoughts about moving away. I have never been to Africa, I don't have sick family that travels and I don't travel for my photo shoots or to work.

Relationship Status

I am a happily long time married women. I work along side my Husband - TC Davidson who has been my photographer and videographer for the past 10 years. I am not looking for anything outside of my marriage.


I am not a member of any dating website nor will I be in the future. I am an entertainer only, not an escort. You can not book/hire me for companionship. I don't shoot scenes with any other males, only my husband.

Meet ups 

I will never offer VIP access, 1 on 1 meet ups, exclusive viewing or attendance to a photo shoot or video shoot. Very rarely I attend the odd convention at which time if comfortable to meet up with fans I post directly to my official social media platforms to notify fans.

Asking for payments 

I will never directly ask you for money. I do not use western union, iTunes gift cards or any other gift cards to any website. I only accept support in the form of a membership or payments for goods through my official website, patreon, my store or any of the other sites listed on my links page.

Social Media 

I only have 1 instagram account and 1 twitter account all others are fakes. I do not have a back up account, a personal account or any account for any other reason. @KatieBanks30i is my only Instagram account, @katiebanksdd is my only twitter account. It’s a full time job maintaining my social medias and I do the all myself, there is no way I would have multiple accounts especially not under some other alias, Katie Banks is the only name that I go by. I have never been and will never be on Facebook, ALL PROFILES there are fakers. Facebook is not an adult entertainer friendly platform and not a platform that I wish to ever participate on.

Hangouts + Texting 

I have never and will never use google hangouts or any other online free chat platform. If someone using my photos or stating they are “the real Katie” contacts you through google hangouts that is an instant red flag its a faker. I don’t use any direct messaging or DM’s of any kind on my public social medias. The only place to direct message me is on a paid platform like my Patreon, My Free Cams or my personal website.

Fan Signs 

If someone contacts you and provides a photo of me holding up a sign stating anything of any kind it is a fake. I DO NOT do fan signs, never have and never will for the sole purpose that it’s far too easily manipulated by fakers and scammers so that they can user it to scam others.

Quitting Adult

I have no intension of quit adult anytime in the foreseeable future. I have choosen this path for myself, I work solely for myself. I run my own website, store ect. I am not being forced to work in adult by a manager, my husband, anyone from the Bella Pass Network or for any other reason or by any other person. I do not currently have nor have I ever had a manager. Anyone telling you they are or are in talks with my manager is lying and a faker.

Need More Proof?

Here are some videos that will help verify this info is correct.

If any changes occur I will update these along with my links page. For a full listing including my not safe for work links click here If it’s not included in any of these places then it is most certainly a fake account.

Official Profiles 2020

Time for my official profiles 2020 edition! Don’t get fooled, here i break down catfishing 101 for my official profiles so you wont get scammed by scammers or fakers. Let’s stop scammers once and for all with info and knowledge.


This is a how to if you will… how to know if your talking to a faker pretending to be me. I go over my social medias (both the ones I have and the ones I don’t) I go over easily known facts about me and ways to spot if its a scammer.

Officially NOT Here

Time to stop the catfishing, the scammers with some fakers 101 info on the real me, official profile, official places I am not. Real talk about catfish, fakers and how scammers suck! official video!

What to look out for

Here is some thoughts on identity theft! The many ways that things can happen, the way to handle interacting with me or another model about identity theft and the various ways that they try to trick you.