Curious what Patreon is all about? 

My patreon is another chance for those who are uncomfortable signing up to an adult website to show their support and get awesome rewards in exchange.

What kind of rewards do I offer? 

For the most up to date full list of my reward tiers head to my patreon via the link above. I offer weekly sfw and NSFW videos and photo sets, not safe for youtube exclusive videos, signed prints, polaroids, snapchat access, direct messaging and clothing memorabilia from recent shoots. 

What kind of content will you see on Patreon?

Through Patreon I get to share my sensual playboy styled nude photos, tease oriented strip tease style videos, extended strip tease versions of my clothing try on videos from youtube and too hot for youtube styled sex education videos.  

Whats the difference between my website and my patreon?

On patreon I post short 3-5 minute long 1080p videos that are either lewd tease in nature or not safe for work playboy styled videos. As well as roughly 30 photo photo sets that are 1500 pixel playboy style photo sets and fun candids. 

The content featured on my Patreon either comes from my adult website but is a more tame version of what you can find there. Or are exclusive strip tease extended videos of my clothing try ons for youtube. All the adult action happens on my adult site. 

Patreon content is smaller in size than my adult website content. My personal website content comes in a wider range of sizes. Video sizes range from mobile to 4k. My photo sets contain roughly 70 photos that are 6500 pixel large. You also get full network access to over 15 other sites and all their content when you sign up to my personal website.

No matter which platform you choose to show your support it is very very appreciated. Your support helps me to devote more time to content creation which is my fav thing. Helps  encourage me in all aspects of my career so that I have more time to devote to giving back to you all. 

CLICK HERE to head to my Patreon and take a look.