What is Patreon all about? 

Patreon is all about the tease content, a place for fans to sign up and enjoy playful tease content. A non porn but still not safe for work platform.

What are the rewards? 

I offer weekly sfw and NSFW videos and photo sets, not safe for youtube exclusive videos, polaroids and snap chat access. 

What content will you see on Patreon?

Patreon has destiny content restrictions – sensual playboy styled tease content only. Enjoy nude photos, tease oriented strip styled videos, extended versions of my clothing try ons from youtube.

Whats the difference between my website and my patreon?

Patreon – 

I post short 5 minutes 1080p videos that are lewd tease or nsf work playboy style. 

I post small photo sets that are roughly 30 photo, max size 1500 pixel playboy style photo sets .

Content is usually exclusive strip teases filmed for Patreon or are the more tame portions of my website content. 

Content is streamable – able to be viewed while online.

Monthly snap chat access if your in the highest 2 tiers.

Katie Banks .com 

Features all my play time, riskier content as well as tease, playboy styled content. 

All videos posted are available in a range of sizes (480, 720, 1080, 4K)

Videos range from 8-30 minutes. 

Full photo sets posted only here, roughly 75-100 photos in a range of sizes (1500, 2000, 4000, 6000) include: clothed, strip tease and everything riskier.

All content on my site is downloadable. 

Bonus full network access to over 15 other sites and all their content when you sign up.

Behind the scenes videos included only here + candid photo sets and all bonus content. 

Access to my entire photo and video 10+ year archive (over 1650 videos, over 15000 photos) No additional pay walls. 

No matter which platform your support it is very appreciated.

CLICK HERE for Patreon.