My youtube channel has become a really fun safe for work environment for me to share with you all another side of myself. I love sharing my unique perspective both through my adult career and through youtube. It’s a  chance for you to get to know me better and peek into my life. 

 Through youtube I share vacation vids, behind the scenes, clothing hauls, dating advice, health and fitness info, tech advice and more. 

Are you back on youtube? 

YES!! I am back on youtube and uploading new videos weekly. Don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE!! Even if you were previously subscribed, its a whole new channel. Your previous subscriptions do not carry over. 

The more subscribers I get the more interesting and involved videos I will be postings for you all to enjoy.

What is the direct link to your channel? 

KatieBanks.tv is the direct link to my youtube channel. 

Where are the racier version of my try ons and BTS vlogs ? 

For the extended adults only behind the scenes videos and try ons head to my Patreon – KBPatreon.com or KatieBanks.com. They will be viewable for members on either of those platforms. 

All my too hot for youtube videos such as my previous behind the scenes videos will be available on my patreon! CLICK HERE to check those out.