My youtube channel has become a really fun safe for work environment for me to share with you all another side of myself. I love sharing my unique perspective both through my adult career and through youtube. It’s a  chance for you to get to know me better and peek into my life. 

 Through youtube I share vacation vids, vlogs, behind the scenes, clothing hauls, sex advice, sex toy reviews and more. 

Behind the scenes is a big part of what I do. Wether its showing you the fun outfit I am wearing and what equipment we are going to use for my shoot today or a fashion show haul video of new items that I have to shoot in. I love showing you what goes on when the regular cameras turn off.  

Are you back on youtube? 

YES!! I am back on youtube and uploading new videos weekly along side re vamped and re done versions of mine and yours fav videos from my previous channel. Don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE!! Even if you were previously subscribed, its a whole new channel. Your previous subscriptions do not carry over. If you don’t want to miss all my latest content on youtube you have to subscribe to this channel. 

What is the direct link to your channel? 

KatieBanks.tv is the direct link to my youtube channel. That is my url not youtube’s thusly I can have it direct to my new only channel. 

What happen to your old youtube channel ? 

Sadly they banned me from youtube and removed all my content. While I did my best to follow the community guidelines I sadly fell short in a few areas.

How are you preventing getting banned again ? 

Since loosing my channel I have figured out where I screwed up and plan to be more responsible/aware of those issues moving forward into the future. 

Where can you see my youtube videos now ? 

For the behind the scenes videos that include naughty discriptions and outfit show offs from my old channel head to my Patreon – KBPatreon.com or KatieBanks.com. They will be viewable for members on either of those platforms. 

Why haven’t you up laod all your old vids on your new channel? 

Sadly I cant just re uplaod all my old videos to my new channel, youtube doesn’t allow this. I am re editing and re vamping my fav safe videos from my old channel and new versions will be available on my new channel.

If you do not see a favourite video of yours please understand that I can’t bring back all my old videos. I am only able to bring back videos that won’t get me in trouble again and that I feel match my new channel moving forward.

All my too hot for youtube videos such as my previous behind the scenes videos will be available on my patreon! CLICK HERE to check those out.